Hurray, my first post

…but where to start?

It is difficult to start writing! Surely I´m not the only person experiencing this problem. I´m also sure it doesn´t matter whether you write a book or just a small blog post like this. You have to find the right words and reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. And in my case, I´m also trying to make as little spelling mistakes as possible…

But most important, how to start a blog post when you don´t even know what the blog will be about?

I mean, I´m a normal person with a normal, maybe even boring life. I don´t have any extraordinary hobbies, I´m not good at cooking and I´m too lazy to occupy myself with new hairstyles all the time.

But don´t get me wrong, I love fashion, I am obsessed with DIY´s and my favorite hobbies are travelling around the world and photography. At least I have something to write about then…

Why starting a blog at all?

To be honest, the main reason for me to write a blog is to improve my English skills. I would say my English is okay, I can express myself and in general, people understand what I´m talking about. I also use English a lot in my job as a marketing manager in an international company. But still, my English is not as perfect as I want it to be, so my intention is to practice and practice and practice…

At the same time, I love writing, even if it´s difficult in a language that is not your mother tongue. Sure, I could also write a diary just for myself but I like the idea of writing something useful, something another person can use as inspiration or pastime.

Who am I?

Maybe I should introduce myself, even if I don´t want to disclose too much of my personal life. I mean information that appears on the Internet stays there forever, right?!

Nevertheless, my name is Julia. I´m 29 years old and I´m living in Cologne, Germany. As mentioned, I work as an online marketing manager, which is okay but nothing I would do in my leisure time, if you know what I mean. I think this is enough for now, you have to figure out the rest by reading the blog 😉

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