One day in Palma de Mallorca

Officially Germany consists of 16 federal states, but unofficially we all know that it´s 17, counting Mallorca as one of them. Especially during summer, the Germans beleaguer the Spanish Island, drinking Sangria, flirting or just enjoying the nice weather, which we don´t have a lot in “real” Germany.

Even though I thought that Palma de Mallorca might be a nice city, I had some prejudices. I mean it wasn´t my first choice travel destination, to be honest. In my imagination, I saw drunk people making out with each other, while dancing to German Volksmusik (there isn´t even a proper translations for this kind of music).

Nevertheless, I was happy to see the city and open for new experiences. Right after leaving the airport building I was happy anyway, because of nice and warm weather. And all my prejudices were gone in an instant…

Palma in one day

With a population of 399.093, Palma is not a big city and  it is manageable to see a lot in just one day. You can even have a walk and visit all historic sites by foot.

After spending a whole day in Palma, I count myself as a fan. I especially liked the atmosphere – quiet, historic and very clean. I don´t know the city during summer, when all the tourists are wandering through the streets, but during autumn it was just amazing.

Still, I wouldn´t choose Palma as a typical travel destination because of the size and opportunities and due to the fact that I´m neither a beach nor a Ballermann person. For me it is the perfect place for one or two days. Of course, this is only true for Palma. Mallorca itself offers a lot of beautiful sights and next time I will rent a car and see the whole Island. Mallorca, you will see me again!

Catedral de Mallorca

What a beautiful church! I already saw it from the seaside and thought, “hmm, this is bigger than I expected”. However, the size alone is not what it makes such a beautiful building, but the architecture and location. This is definitively a must-see in Palma de Mallorca. Even though, you have to be blind or incredibly drunk to overlook this big colossus.

Tip: Even if you have to pay admission charge, you definitively should go inside!

The picture shows the big cathedral of Palma de Mallorca from the seaside. The impressive interior of the cathedral of Palma de MallorcaYou see a part of the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca in front of the blue sky.

Baños Árabes 

Don´t expect a breathtaking building or ruin, because it´s not. Nevertheless, this place is a historic location as it is one of the few remaining examples of Muslim architecture in Palma. It dates back to a period between the 10th and 12th centuries and the Baños Árabes were built by recycling capitals from previous periods. It is a quiet place with a nice garden and if you ask me, it is worth a visit.

Inside od Baños Árabes in Palma

Through the alleys of Palma

I liked the historic sights of the city, such as the cathedral or baños árabes. But I liked the small alleys and streets even better. There was a special atmosphere I find difficult to describe. It might be a result of low season, where streets are empty and tourists are few. What surprised me most was the cleanliness of the city – no cigarette ends, no waste on the streets. So, just wandering through the alleys of Palma is definitely a must-do.

A really nice but unremarkable fountain at the edge of a staircase. What a nice alley in the middle of Palma. The picture shows a horse-drawn carriage in an alley of Palma Beautiful doorknob Beautiful and symmetrical fountain near the cathedral of Palma.

Passeig Del Born

Lined with a selection of shops, such as H&M, Zara or Louis Vuitton, this promenade in the center of Palma is a good starting point for a shopping tour. And don´t miss the small alleys nearby, with their small boutiques and unusual shops. Especially nice is the area around the church Església de Sant Nicolau.

Streetview of Passeig Del Born in Palma Church Església de Sant Nicolau



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